Sweets Mania at the Tide resort

1191691522p_sweet1 This bakery shop, selling bakery items and sweets to satisfy the hearts of all teenagers, as part of The Tide Bakery & Cafe at Campus Mall close to Burapha University. This attractively decorated shop has been designed in a modern style with the theme of fun and enjoyment, featuring candy and pastel colours.

p_sweet7 p_sweet8 p_sweet9

The range of bakery items provides inspiration to highlight the colourful, sweet tone. There are bakery drinks and fruit all available for you to enjoy. A special feature will be the pancakes and waffles we will tempt you to buy with the wide selection of flavorings and toppings you would not be able to resist.

duddn076  Recommended menu !

p_Bakery14 p_sweet11 p_sweet13

All of your favourites that you have always associated with the Tide Bakery and Cafa will all still be available, including all your favourite cakes and pastries and our renowned home-made ice cream.

1191691258Sweets Mania will move to the new location that is on Laemtan, Bangsaen Beach soon.


Open daily from 10:00 am. to 10:00 pm.
For more information Tel. +66 (0) 83-119-4461


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