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The Tamper Espresso Bar at Bangsaen

         Today, we take you to visit the coffee shop at Bangsaen. If you want to find a good coffee shop atmosphere. I will be recommend you a good coffee shop that is the Espresso Tamper Bar and restaurant sit .





                                               Grilled Cheese & Espresso


                                                    DRUGS & CUPCAKE


                         Dirty BCT grilled cheese with Tamper milkshake.


Chocolate Blackout Cake

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                                 CUPCAKE                                                                 BREEZE MOJITO

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                                        WOOPIE PIE                                         RASPBERRY MOCHA FRAPPE

                            100201mb_d_oRecommend menu



gryp2Special Promotion !!!!!


Open Daily 07:00 am – 11:00 pm

tel : 083 653 0262

Fanpage : thetamper

   The Tamper Espresso Bar is located in front of Pho Kwae dormitory  Bang Saen Soi 4 north on your left next to the Mall in Laem Thong(Infront of Phokeaw Condo). If you come from Bang Saen Beach.


1191691258 Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a good cup of coffee.


Coffee Knowledge

This section is full of information to help you understand more about coffee. It contains tips on how to get the most out of your espresso machines and coffee makers. So with a bit of practice you’ll soon be making better tasting coffee than your local cafe.